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3 Important things to consider before choosing your college.

3 important things to consider before choosing your college.

In this post I'm sharing a few things to keep in mind before choosing your college.
Well every person has some of their best memories in their college..It's a place where one finds lifelong friends, education, experience, life lessons and much more.

Now let's get to the point....
During the end of your schooling days or even before it's likely that everyone has a particular college in mind to join,
but there are a few things one should seriously consider before choosing them.

1.Travel Distance
Distance from your home to college matters a lot...One may think that it may not be a big deal....but it is..
I've had friends who were exhausted thinking about the college travel time   than our college work load.. Giving preference to colleges nearby your location saves your valuable time and money.
So be prepared in case you are choosing a college far away from your home.

 Reputation of your Alma mat…
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S crystal lipgloss Review - Shimmer lip gloss from Aliexpress

Hello all.... This post is a small review on S Crystal lipgloss which I had purchased from Aliexpress.

I had been in search for a lipgloss that looks Shimmery on my lips and that's when I found this product. I was initially hesitant to buy this because of its cheap price but after seeing positive reviews from other buyers I decided to give it a try.
I had opted fo the shade 08 which is mild pinkish brown tinted gloss with loads and loads of shimmer. It has shelf life of 3 years.

The shimmer was visible even when I had applied a lipstick base before applying the gloss. As far as the staying power is concerned it stayed on my lips for a good 3 hours after which It required reapplication..

The lipgloss survives light drinks and snacks.. Overall for it's super affordable price it is a great steal...U can refer the screenshot below for the gloss name and details available in the website.

Have a nice day!

AliExpress India reveiw- My shopping experience from AliExpress

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Now you may be wondering why should one buy from a China based site than an Indian one...Well that's because of the affordable prices in that site...

My experience:
      I had ordered for few makeup items like lipstick, eyelashes etc.. Incase you want to make payment through debit card it is necessary to have an international debit card from your bank. I had to pay each time seperately for purchasing different items. It means you can't pay in one go for all different products..
     After payments my order was confirmed. In the My orders section I was given a tracking number for all my different products....The tracking facilities didnt work for certain products since it was not being updated.

     On the positive side the products came exactly as described without any kind of damage..The prices w…

Useful Ola user tips in India

Hello all...  Today's post is a very informative post in which I would like to share few useful tips for Ola
users in India.

1.Check for offer codes
Ever been annoyed by messages from Ola ?????? Well but those kind of offer messages from those companies help you save quite a sum of money from your pocket. Just copy  the suitable offer code from those messages and paste them in the Apply coupon option after you click the ride now option. It helps you save a decent amount of money.

2.Never ignore to complain 
Ever been charged a cancellation fee for something which was not your fault?....Never delay to complain or notify the company about the issue.... There are numerous times  when my cancellation fee got cancelled since I complained them about the driver's fault. Go to my rides option and scroll down and click the support option ...You can choose from the available options about the nature of your complaint.

3.Check peak pricing
Choose the mode of your transport wisely...Someti …

Maybelline Colorsensational Matte Burgundy blush lipstick Review

Maybelline Colorsensational Matte Burgundy blush lipstick Review

Hello all.... Today's post is a review on Maybelline Colorsensational Matte Burgundy blush lipstick....I'm dividing this review into 5 section to help u guys to get a quick overview on it.

Price, expiry: Rs:575/- for 4.2gm. with a shelf life of 2 years and 5 months. You can check if there is discounted price for this particular lipstick in Flipkart and Amazon.

Burgundy blush is a dark brownish maroon shade with more brownish undertones..I guess the shade will work for every skin tone based on the intensity of the application.

The texture of the lipstick is matte with a slight powdery effect.... One needs to apply them manually in every corner of the lip than just pressing the lip against each other for a smooth finish.

It stays put on the lips for 3 hours but after the 3rd hour it tends to crease and create a dry patchy appearance on the lips...Hence I suggest to moisture your lips well b…

Seba Med Clear Face care gel REVIEW

Hello all. Today I will be reviewing Seba Med Clear Face care gel which is made especially for acne prone skin.
My skin: I have a combination skin which gets oily mainly around my T-zone and the present Indian summer climate makes it even more worse. I tend to have few acne eruptions now and then caused due to pollution and unhealthy eating  habits (intake of excessive oily foods).
The product:

My experience with the product: I’ve been using the product every morning for a little over 6 weeks now. I had bought the product through Amazon for Rs.460 which I feel is a bit on the expensive side for just 50ml. The texture is not too runny or thick. It has a clear gel medium consistency. When applied on face its spreads evenly. A pea sized amount will be enough to cover up the face.
Results It was a good product but did not find any drastic changes on my face. On the positive side my acne and whiteheads were less recurrent than usual which was great. It made my face soft than it usually used to b…